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vitamin b12 injections uk
At last, a National Vitamin B12 Injection Service!
Blue Horizon Medicals is very pleased to announce the launch of our new national Vitamin B12 Injection service. Using only Hydroxocobalamin from NHS approved suppliers, and registered band 5 nurses we do everything we can to ensure a quality, convenient and risk free three step process.


Women ordering vitamin b12 injection online
Your first step is to order your test online through this website, or give us a call on 0207 125 0523
hydroxocobalamin solution for injection and ampoule needles syringe
Everything you need will be in this Kit- choose delivery by Royal Mail First Class or Next Day service.
nurse visiting to give vitamin b12 injection
You'll be contacted by our national service team to arrange a nurse visit convenient to you.
This new service fulfils a long-awaited need for those who cannot prove a medical reason for needing B12 supplementation, or who may be unable to access regular or more frequent B12 supplementation via the NHS. Our clients will receive 1000mcg Hydroxocobalamin via intramuscular injection at their home.
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  • 1. Is it safe to have Vitamin B12?
  • 2. Why can't I get B12 injections from my own GP?
  • 3. I have been told my levels are fine, are they?
  • 4. I'm not sure, my test says I'm ok, but my symptoms suggest B12 deficiency...how will I know?
  • 5. I would like to try it, how often should I have the injection?
  • 6. Can I just order the kit from you without the nurse visit?
  • 7. Where will I be injected, does it hurt?
  • 8. What does the injection solution contain?
  • 9. I have heard that Methylcobalamin may be more effective than Hydroxocobalamin when injected. Is that true?

Go to our B12 Page for all the answers to these questions: https://b12horizon.co.uk/b12-how-it-works

How do I request this service?

Simply Order Online HERE or call us on 0207 125 0523.